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Dream big, never give up – and create a new stunt build to kick the art of stunt riding straight into the future? Hell, yeah!


It’ been an outstanding creative journey and a fruitful teamwork that led to the birth of The Mad Rabbit, the ultimate stunt toy based on a KTM Duke 250 powered by RokON magic. So just put your helmet on and be ready for the next level stunt adventure!


”I have waited so long to drop this news that I really can’t wait to see what the world has to say about it,” says Rok Bagoros, KTM’s official stunt rider and a visionary in the sport. “Building a new bike is always super exciting, only that this time it was almost overwhelming since the build is so complex, so complete and so perfect in many ways.”


One word: evolution!


On this year build Rok and the band focused not only on style and technology, but also on safety. The project is therefore not just another fashion make-over in the bike industry, but a major evolution of a free-style stunt bike. The new Duke 250 will easily survive the future tricks and protect the stunt bikers of the future… while making them look smoking hot with a new brand sticker kit and a new line of ScorpionEXO street and/or off-road helmet!


From the time a 15-year old boy bought his first scooter with the money he had earned by delivering newspapers and washing dishes in restaurants, he has burnt more then 400 tyres, spent more than 25,000 hours of braaaap-ing, finished 360 events and collected countless stamps on his passport. While his professional stunt rider career got underway in 2011 after being spotted by KTM, his first Duke 250 stunt bike was built in 2017. Through the last years Rok and his team changed multiple times many parts and set-ups. “The tricks evolve day by day, so the evolution of the bike naturally follows my rhythm, my craving for originality,” he adds.


However, the newest build is somehow different. Not just that the parts and the set-up were adjusted to bring Rok’s tricks on the next level, the team also came out with a number of stylish safety solutions.


Stunting on the dark side


“We painted all plastics in dark grey, two tones actually. We left some blue lines which is part of our signature, definitely some orange and some rokON patterns, and all that in a matt finish. I'm a huge fan of ZAJCMASTER’s design work, so I thought it was time again for him to make some magic. Magic is the right word since he completely threw me off with his color decision and the rear wheel design. The bike lost its crazy color but gained tons of character. It grew up in a way. The more you look at it the more design more elements you discover,” he sums up.


Top 3 reasons the new 250 Duke stunt bike is every stunt rider’s dream explained by Rok


#1 A new rear wheel carbon cover


“This is by far my favorite feature on this build. The wheel carbon cover has two purposes: it’s a safety feature in case of a weird crash where your hand could get trapped in the spokes, while the second purpose is purely aesthetic. The inspiration comes from superbike and MotoGP bikes where the wheel covers are there for aerodynamic reasons. Big high five to Akrapovic guys, who produced the carbon and then laser cut it to perfection!”


#2 A new rear brake setup


“We went from the overkill power to a more reasonable setup that gives me more feel. From the beginning of 2018 I started to focus a lot on my foot brake skills which in terms of tricks means I'm focusing on no-hand wheelies and the new flatland tricks that are now the new standard in stunt riding game. From the 280 mm disk I used in the past we went back to the stock size racing brake disc from Motomaster upgrading it with a stock foot brake caliper for smoother breaking during slower tricks and a HAYES X-32 brake caliper for better hand brake performance".


#3 A costumised stunt tank and a new seat


“The next important thing we costumised is the stunt tank. We took the original one, we cut it away and designed a seat out of it where you can either sit or stand and it comes with a grip tape on the top of it. The grip is massively important in stunt riding, so we changed the seat material in order to maximize the grip and make the jumps around much safer.”



In saying that, there’s one more thing to clear. Why we named it “The Mad Rabbit”? If you knew Slovenian, you wouldn’t ask – Zajc (=rabbit) is simply the best last name a designer in motorsports could have. And that’s just another proof of the fatal attraction between rabbits and bikes. If that’s not mad…


For more info about The Mad Rabbit check out Rok’s newest RokON vlog #93 and visit his homepage www.rokbagoros.com.

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